Veri Eroi, as we can read on the homepage of the website, born on april 26th 2010 to give space to people that made something great and admirable for himself, his family or others. Veri Eroi focus on values such as unselfishness, solidarity, tenacity, humanity, honesty, courage and heroism, sport.

Long-time friend Massimiliano Ferla decided to include our association's activities in his website and to invite us at the first Veri Eroi award ceremony held at the Civic Theater of La Spezia on october 16th, 2010.

The kind helpfulness of Nick Mallett, who keep his closeness to Cosimo situation (after his visit at Firenze's Hospital), gave us the chance of being awarded directly from the hands of the coach of the Italian Rugby National Team!

Click here to read the article about the ceremony published by the newspaper La Nazione and here to see some pictures of that wonderful night.

Here's the video of the moment of the prize-giving.