The non-profit association "Amici di Cosimo" with its logo designed by Paolo "Peve" Peveri born on april 7th, 2009 from the wish of following a dream. You can find here the statute, the certificate of incorporation and the VAT number attribution.

Cosimo and his family have been caught by too many unfortunate events and we, his teammates, felt obliged to try to give him a new future, a better one, a future where the victim of a serious injury could become a referring point for others, not simply taking, but using what has been given to give.

We felt keen to build around Cosimo, bricklayer forced on a wheelchair, something to fall in love for, to work in, to change it from an association FOR Cosimo, in an association that THROUGH Cosimo could support other people.

The very first activity of the association has been a simple fund raising, to take off the money thoughts from Cosimo's family and create in their mind room enough to face only this new event, things pretty hard being Cosimo the only working person in the family. With the amazingly big heart that everyone of you showed in that period we got to unexpected results and we started focus on the future we were dreaming about.

The complete helpfulness given by the institutions allowed us to organize as from the beginning pretty big events, giving us the chance to become a reality that step after step is getting more solid, more credible and more appealing for Cosimo!!

In fact, as soon as he got home from the Hospital, he decided to become the new president of the association...and it has been a great moment of happiness!

The good luck and your generosity made possible to turn the edition 2010 of "Una meta per Cosimo" in a fund raising event that helped not just Cosimo (for a full description of the day visit the dedicated section click also here), doing some other step forward to the dream we started dreaming when Ciccio got injured.

Nowadays our attention is mostly focused on setting up a safety program for italian rugby and you can read all about it in the dedicated section also by clicking here.

More projects are growing and every help, suggestion or sustain is always welcome!