17th May 2009 for most of us was a normal day….not for Malcolm and the other runners of the 60 km AVIS Uphill Run: Sarzana (Sea level) to Campo Cecina (1300mt) and back! Thanks to the great enthusiasm shown by the organizers AVIS Sarzana ( province of La Spezia), Malcolm was able to import a concept which is common in other countries, that of the Charity Run. He convinced friends and others to sponsor him for a charity run in this case to help Cosimo! The first objective , raising funds: mission accomplished! €392 raised and donated to Amici di Cosimo with the last €20 donated in the last few kilometres!!! Let's not forget the other objective Malcolm made it! He dragged his 50 years and 90kg (weight at start) up and back down the Apennine Alps, finishing with a time of 7 hours and 15 minutes. Well Done Malcolm! Here's a photo upon arrival with his kids Elsa and Pietro and here the news article from La Nazione covering the run.