Saturday june 9th, 2012 the fourth edition of "Una Meta per Cosimo" has been held in La Spezia with a three-team tournament of rugby union played by CUS Genova Rugby, Pro Recco Rugby and ASD Amici di Cosimo Rugby Club, an invitational team that gathered the following players:

Locandina una meta per Cosimo 2012- UDINE RUGBY (Coppetti, Folla, Bombonati, Petrusic)
- UNION TIRRENO (Passante, Mannucci, Cattinelli, Piacentini)
- CUS FERRARA ( Pasa, Ippolito, Toso, Altavilla, Bonetti, Scapoli)
- CUS PERUGIA (Corbucci)
- MODENA RUGBY (Lanzoni)
- PAESE RUGBY (Lunanova)
- LYONS PIACENZA (Laudicina)
- CUS GENOVA (Bernadini, Bogliolo)

The tournament ended up with an ex-aequo between Pro Recco Rugby and ASD Amici di Cosimo coached this time by Alessandro Bottino (Regional F.I.R. Coach) and Stefano Giop (Coach of Tarvisium Rugby).

Here you can find the video made to advertise the tournament and the promo where Tullio Solenghi, Caterina Guzzanti, Daniele De Rossi and Francesco Totti show their support to Amici di Cosimo's activities.

Stage of the event has been the Italian Navy's sport center "A. Montagna" in La Spezia and is possible to find some shots of the matches and the interviews with Cosimo and Matteo on Secolo XIX's website by clicking here.

The fundraising to help the victims of october's 2011 flooding in Liguria and has been successful thanks to all the people that attended both the tournament and the Ruggers Party organized on june 8th and 9th at the green area of Falconara courtesely given by Lerici's city council.

The amount of funds raised will be shortly available.

Amici di Cosimo wants to deeply thank all the people who decided to attend this event.