Locandina una meta per CosimoAs soon as Cosimo got injured the Italian Rugby Firefighters Team decided to give us their help in participating to the fundraising campaign that we were trying to set up, using their friendship with their french collegues from Isère, has been possible to organize a test match in La Spezia on june 6th 2009. That has been the first edition of "Una meta per Cosimo" (A try for Cosimo) we got now to the second edition and we hope we'll be able to keep the tradition alive for many years.

The biggest trouble we've had to face is that we tried to organize everything with no money at all. We felt wrong in spending money to do something that is basically related to fundraising! It has been only the help given us by EVERYBODY that made it possible: the Italian Navy gave us playground and accommodation, the Casina Rossa restaurant the free use of their green area and La Spezia City Council helped us a lot with all the papers.

But the real support came from the normal people, everybody offered food, beverages, bread and more. It has been their love for Cosimo that made possible to organize everything at no cost AT ALL. Thank you.

It has been an amazing day full of emotions, fun and good rugby. The unexpected arrival of Cosimo has been the bellring that woke up and introduced everybody to a long-lasting memory event! Below a clip filmed and offered by Cronaca4 that shows the touching moment of the entrance of the teams.

Thank God the very bad weather that was around didn't get to Spezia, no rain, lots of people keen to stay together and help, beers and sandwiches...a great day!!

Click here to see the set of pictures of the match and here for the extra!

Visit the Provincia della Spezia's website for read the article about the event's press conference and Italian Fire Brigade's for a technical comments and all the clips of the match.