Saturday 13th June 2009 was a historical day for American Football in the province of La Spezia.
Red Jackets Sarzana for the first time in their history played in the semi-final of the Italian Championship against Frogs Legnano to gain a place in the XXIXth Italian Superbowl. The venue was the Ferdeghini Sports Stadium, also home grounds of Spezia Rugby Club. All this at exactly 10 years from the passing away of Dante Canini, not only my personal friend but also team mate and battle companion of many who still play in the Red Jackets. If you add to this the contacts between the two teams and the fact that even if there are rivalry for the superiority of one over the other, at the end of the day we all play with a ball that has the right shape, so it was easy to find a common understanding.
The directors of the Sarzana team decided to remember Dante, by inviting our association to the game and donating the entire proceeds raised from the event, which included gate donations and sales of merchandising. It was an incredible evening with the Red Jackets winning 42 to 28 and Dante's parents presenting the Red Jackest n°20 with the "Premio Combattività Dante Canini" award.
We can say that with this event our association raised 2310 euros and once again we would like to thank all those on and off the field, those who drank a beer, those who ate a sandwich , who bought a tee-shirt, and all those people who even if they did not contribute economically, helped make the Ferdeghini stadium home of an important event. Thank-you!
A warm thank you to all the Sarzana Red Jackets, Giorgio and Betta and obviously Dantino who I am sure, made sure that everything went as smooth as possible!
Click on the flyer to take a look on the first pictures of that night!

Locandina gli amici di dante per Cosimo